London 2012 countdown!!

I am really, really excited about the Olympics taking place in London this summer. And I do mean ridiculously excited. Besides potentially being a performer for the ceremonies, I have absolutely no idea why.

I didn’t manage to get any of the tickets I applied for. The official website we’re supposed to use to buy and exchange tickets is down at the moment, so even if I wanted to try and buy these tickets, I can’t for now.

It will be a complete nightmare to commute to and from work, because the transport system will be clogged up with people flocking to the various venues (lucky you). In fact, the transport system, despite being one of the most expensive systems to travel on in the world, will meltdown regardless, let’s be honest. Bank station is a particular trouble spot for me and this is without the burden of extra commuters.

My excitement perhaps even foolishly goes beyond the niggling fear of there being some sort of terrorist attack, not that I want to speak this into existence or anything.

Maybe my eagerness is just due to the fact that we’ve been gearing up to the Games for a while now and it’s been drummed into our heads that it will be ‘The greatest show on Earth!!!’ And since I’m a sucker I’ve succumbed to the hype.

Whatever the case may be, I’m really excited- can you tell yet?

And to share my excitement, like a friend who annoyingly shows off all their holiday pictures (I am that friend by the way, unfortunately for you), I wanted to show you some photos of my Year 1 Sports Day at my primary school, and some others, to whet your appetite for the Games and everything sports-related. I’m so excited I don’t even care if I embarrass myself.

Welcome to London in the summer guys and enjoy the Cultural Olympiad! Relish this moment, because once the excitement quickly subsides, us Londoners will moan, a lot, and we’re good at it. We do like a good old moan, we do.

So without further ado I am super pleased to present to you my photos in celebration of London 2012. Oh boy, oh boy!

[Cue background music]


I was in Team Dumbo, just in case you were wondering.

I think I do still run and dance like that with my arms either swinging wildly around me or held in a delicate pose.


I’m getting ready. I think the man next to me is giving me a prep talk.


Action replay: look at the determination in my face!


Action replay: again, there’s no doubting that I wanted to win this!

This is me disappointed after my team lost a football match (I have to mention, we did win ‘the league’ in the end).

Take a closer look at my face.

 Disappointment amplified: I was, and it can be argued that I still am, a sore loser. (Cough) Moving on swiftly.

Look at me running/posing now. I still hate it, sorry:



My friend behind me looks really impressed with my skills! And yes we are still in contact today. Did I mention I loved playing football?

I really wanted to be in the women’s national football team. Look how involved I was when I played. Next time.

Fancy footwork…? (I know that’s not an Olympic event)

Look at the concentration in my face.

Running… ball game…? Again there is no appropriate category



… because I’m bad.


I am still working on this one.


I admit, I am scrapping the barrel with this one.


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