Look out, world!

“This is the end of your driving test. … You’ve passed, congratulations.”

I didn’t really hear what she said after that, I was just in disbelief- I was stunned! I seriously thought I failed. I was just so nervous.

At the beginning of the test, I couldn’t even open the car doors properly. Then during one of my “Show me/tell me” questions I couldn’t turn on the ignition to show how I would check that the steering was ok. I explained it all very well, but then she said that she wanted me to show her.

I spoke very slowly, so that I had enough time to figure out how to turn on the ignition. “So… to… check… the… steeeeeerrrrrinnnnnnngggg… wheel…” I knew the theory, but for the life of me, the key would. Not. Budge!

The examiner saw through my stalling, and she told me to just unlock the wheel. ‘This doesn’t look good,’ I said to myself, and I began to sweat.

All I can say is that when you are nervous you do stupid things. …Ok, so I have to admit, I didn’t know all of that stuff in the first place, but, you know…

So I was driving around and it was all fine. I made sure that I checked the mirrors- all the time!! The examiner directed me to a quiet area, told me to stop and asked me to parallel park the car.

Usually when I do this manoeuvre I’m a tad bit far away from the curb (I think it’s because I’m a bit short). So this time I thought I would turn the car in a bit later. The car was slowly, but surely, fitting into place and it nearly aligned up perfectly to the car in front. That is until I felt the car bump something lightly.

‘Oh God, oh God, I hope no one else noticed that,’ I thought. The examiner told me to drive off. I knew she felt the bump- I KNEW it! I thought I failed, but I carried on and was less nervous.

I pretty much noticed every mark she made on the paper (five minors in all, but it felt like more for some reason). There was one other incident where some woman in a car parked in a really awkward place on a red route road I was trying to turn on to, while on a gradient!

“She’s making this really difficult for you. Isn’t she?”

“Mm-hmm,” I replied to the examiner, but in my head I screamed, ‘Yes she IS making it really difficult for me- MOOOOOVVVEEEEE, woman!’

It took me ages to move from that spot because of the oncoming traffic as well. I managed to stall on the gradient when I had a chance to move off. Curses. I did say “Damn” out loud at this point, which demonstrated to the examiner that I was becoming frustrated.

Despite all of the incidents and my nervousness, I really do thank God for passing. He knows I don’t have any money for more lessons and exams. Plus I had the added pressure that my younger sister would never let me forget that she passed first time, if I failed.

I remember being really nervous even during me driving lessons. Sometimes it got to the point where I would return home with my back drenched in sweat, as if I had just ran a marathon. To understand the significance of this, you have to know that I hardly sweat when I exercise, and it’s certainly not to the extent where I’m dripping in it, no siree. So I was ridiculously nervous. One day my instructor told me in a Jamaican accent: “Just chill. Trueeee?” And this has been my mantra ever since.

Now that I’ve passed, I just need to get used to driving my sister’s car *nervous laughter*.


No more pretend driving for me, although admittedly, these photos were taken AFTER I passed my test… *cough*




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