I did not like my former flat at all. Aside from the location and the views that I could get if I went out to the balcony, as described in this post, it really wasn’t a nice place to live. It was just really dark; there was hardly any sunlight, as you can see in my post about my lovely (well, actually quite scary) landlord. I didn’t feel comfortable; I couldn’t call it home. My friends, who lived a few doors away from me, wanted to move to a bigger place as well. So we decided to try and find a place together. Thank God we didn’t have to look for long. Our landlady had a house available with three spacious double-bed rooms, a concrete garden (ideal for BBQs and laundry), a kitchen, a living room area and a drive way for a car. The location was great as well. We lived in a quieter neighbourhood that was only a five-minute walk from the school – result! Although I actually ended up arriving at school later than I did when I lived a bit further away, hmm… IMG_0997   Anyway, as well as gaining two cool, super friendly, very helpful housemates, I also kind of gained a pet in the form of a kitten, Piña. Martin and Sara   

My housemates found him back in October in a gutter as they were walking along the high street. They tried to find his owners, but they were unable to. So they adopted him, well really only one of them did. They thought he was a she at the time, hence the name. Even though I played with him from time-to-time whenever I went to their flat, this little rascal really entered my life when we shared the same house. He loves to play fight and he stands up on his two hind legs to try and take jabs at you, as taught by Martin and reinforced by my boyfriend. He likes to attack shadows on the wall and then run speedily away. He likes to play fetch, as unintentionally taught by me. I chucked his soft toy away to get rid of him, but he always grabbed it and brought it back to me (the video evidence is below). Also, it was hilarious to see my friend, who visited me in Mexico, armed with toys and a water bottle to keep him away as she didn’t like cats – her screams were hilarious. Anyway, he loves to energetically run up and down the house frantically just for fun. He definitely seems more dog than cat. He tries to attack my landlord’s smaller dogs whenever they enter the house. I heard that he even tried to attack a big dog down the road from us (I believe it’s a great dane, but I’m not too good with dog breed names).


He can be a massive pain in the arse. He loves to scratch – I can’t count the amount of scars that I’ve had on me because of him. Sometimes he bites (not me, thank God). He loves to destroy your things and I think sometimes he knows what he’s doing. He would purposefully knock things off of a table, slowly, with one paw, just because, and just watch it smash on the floor. He acts JUST like the ‘thug’ cat in this video!! So most times I keep my door closed just to keep him out. He used to make me even later than I already was sometimes, because he decided to run out of the door and hide under a car.


But, despite all of these things, I have a soft spot for him; he’s quite a character. When I first moved in and I was all by myself in the house cleaning my room, I was sweeping all the rubbish from the floor in my wardrobe when some big-arse spider ran out. I was petrified. If you don’t know how scared I am about insects and other creepy creatures, then you should check out what my biggest fear is. But, little Piña protected me. He found the spider and then ate it – my hero! A few moments later when the landlady arrived and her big dog ran into the house, he was so scared, so when she left we had a bonding session where we comforted each other. He was my cockroach killer, but he no longer eats them. Instead, he just plays with them and sometimes maims them. I also felt so sorry for him when he was neutered after I saw how scared he was afterwards and as I listened to him whimpering in pain. And the times when he decides that he wants to show you affection, or when he wants you to give him affection, are priceless.

IMG_0927_1024  IMG_0542_1024 IMG_0921_1024IMG_0495_1024 IMG_0031_1024  IMG_0024_1024

Can you tell that I’ve always wanted a cat. Now I kind of have one, but without all of the responsibility.

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