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‘Ello, ‘ello, ‘ello! Admittedly, this was a while ago, but here’s the story about my second (and final?) run-in with the Mexican police. My experience this time was very different to what happened the last time. This vlog includes some video footage of what happened at the time. And yes, it did end up with us being escorted somewhere.

Enjoy! 🙂


Proud Parent 2

Hi guys! It’s been a while since I last posted, buuutttttt here’s a vlog about the second time that I felt like a proud parent. If you’d like to find out why I was proud the last time, then check this out. Enjoy! 🙂

Hi! Welcome back, guys and Happy New Year! In this episode, I talk about my experience with Mexican flirting rituals that I’ve experienced… before I met my boyfriend ;-D. This is episode is actually entitled, ‘Mexican Men, part 1: So do you have a Mexican boyfriend?’ But that’s a rather long title, wouldn’t you say? Even so, in this vlog, I’m just mainly recounting some stories about some things that my friend and I have experienced in Mexico, so this pretty much specifically relates to me. However, if you’ve been in this situation in Mexico, then you may recognise some of the phrases.

More general information about Mexican flirting/dating rituals will be given at a later date, in Mexican Men, part 2. Enjoy, folks! 😉


Hi – welcome back to my blog! I’ve posted a vlog about some pre-Hispanic Mexican traditions that I came across during my travels, which were pretty interesting to see. Enjoy! 🙂


Helloooo!!! In this vlog, I talk about piñatas and I show you a video of the very first (and only, so far) time that I took part in this Mexican tradition. Apparently I was too… eager… Enjoy!


Hi guys!!!!! So this vlog is about discipline at my school, more in my classroom more specifically. I talk about how sometimes this may be hard to carry out, especially if a child has done something that is quite funny.

Kids can be challenging and they can stress you out at time. But you should NOT be a teacher if you think disciplining kids involves throwing objects at them, as one teacher did in another school. This was caught on camera, and she was rightly sacked. I forgot to mention this in the video, so I thought I’d post it here instead.

Enjoy! 🙂

Mexican Street Parties

Hello!!!! Welcome, guys! So this vlog is about random Mexican street (or car park) parties that I’ve experienced. This happens regardless of the day or the time; the concept of noise pollution does not exist in residential areas. Enjoy!

Proud Parent

Hi! In this post, I talk about the first time I felt like a proud parent as a TEFL teacher. Who knew I’d feel like this? Maybe my family knew because I cried during The Lion King, and for every sad film since that film they would look in my direction to inspect if my eyes welled up. That’s not to say that I cried or anything, not this time. But anyway, I digress. My kids had to recite English poems in front of a ‘large’ audience.

Day of the Dead

Hello!!! This post is about the Day of the Dead festival in Mexico. I’ll give you some insight into what it’s all about, including its history and the significance behind some of the items that are used for the festival. Also, feel free to have a laugh at my pronunciation of some of the non-English, in particular the Aztec name Mictecacihuatl. Enjoy! 🙂

Sea Lions

Hellooooo!!! This vlog is about my snorkelling trip to San Pedro Island to see sea lions! I also talk a lot about my sea sickness, fun times. Just click on the picture to watch it. Enjoy!

sea 2


My friend, Martin, alerted me to two pieces of information that I missed out. So thanks Martin for letting me know.

So firstly, apparently, I don’t suffer from sea sickness; I suffer from motion sickness.

Secondly, (now this is apparently “the best” part of the story) while I was sick and generally feeling sorry for myself, I was lying down on the boat by the water’s edge. Then suddenly somebody popped up from the underneath the water. It was Martin (Mar-teen in Spanish). “Hi Monique,” he boomed energetically. He asked me if I was ok. “I’m ok, I’m just feeling…” Then I couldn’t finish my sentence. I vomited right in front of him. Nice. The end. I didn’t even remember that happening, to be honest. I was just pretty zoned out. Who knows what other golden nuggets of information I missed out just because I was sick. Oh well.