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The setback

Like all good stories the hero/heroine must overcome obstacles and adversity, and at the end it, comes out stronger for the greater good of humanity- hoorah!

Well, not including my general lack of will power, the ‘torrential’ rain, and the ‘blistering’ heat, my greatest challenge, so far, has actually been my leg. To be more precise, my Achilles tendon…I think.

This is apparently the mother of all runners’ injuries, well apparently one of the top five anyway. If Achilles’ heel caused him, a strapping great Greek demi-god, to fall, then what are my chances really, huh? Riddle me that.

So anyway, while I was running one time my leg was starting to hurt. I thought it was the usual screams of pain from my body begging me to stop, so I just ploughed on.

But then I hit a quite a steep gradient and had to stop, like I do now and again anyways. But this time I think that was a bad move.

The next day I limped my way into work. I waited a couple of days to let the pain subside and since it seemed better I decided to go for a run again. Rookie mistake. I then had to rest for a whole week!

I have to admit. I felt lost. I actually missed running. I missed not hearing the funny American dude with his encouraging phrases, like: “drop it like it’s hot and pick it up when it’s cold ‘cos you ran more this week than you did last. I’m proud of you!”

Or “you ran all week! All week? You are on fy-yaaahhh, I’m proud of you!”

Besides, I had a 10-week running plan, remember? This set me back by about a week or so.

You’ll be happy to know I am running again now. I have past the 10-week mark, finally. I’ve researched some good stretching tips for my legs, especially for these pesky Achilles tendons of mine.

“How has this obstacle strengthened me then?”, I hear you ask. To be honest, I don’t know… All I know is that my leg started playing up this week again, but I’m hoping everything will be fine by Sunday, or I will cry and drink a massive strawberry milkshake.

I’m running this Sunday. Please donate, thank you: http://www.raceforlifesponsorme.org/moniquesimpson2011


“Never fear, I am HE!”

You know those times on the tube when step on to the platform and you see your train is still there, with the doors wide open, beckoning you inside.

Then you see the timetable screens ‘flashing mind the doors’ and you hear the bleeping noise signalling that the doors are about to close.

You panic.

Do I risk limb and life to get on that train? Do I feel lucky? Am I a punk? Will I get hurt? Or will I just get humiliated and pretend like I didn’t want to get that train anyway?

I’m sure us commuters have had this discussion with ourselves before, as you do.

But this guy, this brave, brave soul, wasn’t afraid of the rejection.

He wasn’t even fazed by the potential pain. He casually strolled up to the doors as it bleeped.

“Stay away,” it warned, “stay away!”

But just as the doors began to close, the guy seemed to switch into super-human mode. He seemed to say to himself in a deep voice: “I… have… the… power!!!” And he used his bare hands to try and hold the doors open.

There was a gasp.

“Will the mighty doors crush him?” were the words from everyone’s lips. Well, at least that’s what the looks on their faces said.

They (and me, obviously) looked on in total awe as the man in a white T-shirt with bulging muscles (well, sort of) pushed those doors back and strolled on, effortlessly.

My hero.

I’m guessing it was a ‘you-had to-be-there’ moment. Whilst tired.

Well, I need to keep myself entertained somehow on my commute to and from work. Fun times.